How long does crystal meth stay in your system

How long does crystal meth stay in your system. Crystal meth is an illegal stimulant for humans with no medical value. Meth is one of the most used drugs in the states and works by stimulating the dopamine in the brain which produces a pleasant sensation and makes you feel good. The continued consumption of this drug may affect you psychologically or physically.

Although this drug is used illegally it can be prescribed in the form of Desoxyn, which can be used to treat ADHD and also a short-term treatment of obesity. Once meth is consumed it is absorbed in the bloodstream where some methamphetamine can be transformed into amphetamines. The liver and kidney are responsible for filtering the drug through the urinary tract which is later on expelled from the body, after which both meth and amphetamines have been processed.

Knowing how long does Crystal meth stays in your system? is the most asked question nowadays.

When urine is tested, it takes up to 72 hours after the last dose to be detected. Methamphetamine metabolizes to amphetamine which means a drug test will likely be positive for both substances. Normally, the detection of the drug in urine for amphetamine-type stimulants is 3 to 5 days after its last administration and it may be longer in chronic users.

Blue Crystal Meth can also be detected through the test of hair, blood, and oral fluids. The most useful testing method is oral or blood testing for recent ingestion. Meth can also be detected by a hair test for up to 90days after the last use.

Blood -1 – 3 days
Oral – 1 – 4 days
Hair – 90days
Urine – 72 hours; more in chronic users


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